I am Research and Technology Associate at Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST, ITIS department). My research interests focus on sensor networks and can be decomposed into three complementary topics: intelligent transportation, sensing and distributed systems


Recent publications (full list)



Characterizing Driving Environments Through Bluetooth Discovery

Within the world of wireless technologies, Bluetooth has recently been at the forefront of innovation. It is becoming increasingly relevant for vehicles to become aware of their surroundings. Therefore, having knowledge of nearby Bluetooth devices, both inside and outside other vehicles, can provide the listening vehicles with enough data to learn about their environment. In […]

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Characterizing User Mobility Using Mobile Sensing Systems

Recent technological advances and the ever-greater developments in sensing and computing continue to provide new ways of understanding our daily mobility. Smart devices such as smartphones or smartwatches can, for instance, provide an enhanced user experience based on different sets of built-in sensors that follow every user action and identify its environment. Monitoring solutions such […]

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Usage of Smartphone Data to Derive an Indicator for Collaborative Mobility between Individuals

The potential of geospatial big data has been drawing attention for a few years. Despite the larger and larger market penetration of portable technologies (nomadic and wearable devices like smartphones and smartwatches), their opportunities for travel behavior analysis are still relatively unexplored. The main objective of our study is to extract the human mobility patterns […]

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LuST-LTE: A Simulation Package for Pervasive Vehicular Connectivity

Recent technological advances in communication technology have provided new ways to understand human mobility. Connected vehicles with their rising market penetration rate are particularly representative of this trend. They become increasingly interesting not only as sensors but also as participants in Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) applications. More specifically, their pervasive connectivity to cellular networks enables […]

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Luxembourg SUMO Traffic (LuST) Scenario: Traffic Demand Evaluation

Both the industrial and the scientific communities are working on problems related to vehicular traffic congestion, intelligent transportation systems, and mobility patterns using information collected from a variety of sources. Usually, a vehicular traffic simulator, with an appropriate scenario for the problem at hand, is used to reproduce realistic mobility patterns. Many mobility simulators are […]

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