Short bio. After completing my Master, I carried out a number of studies on wireless sensor networks and the security mechanisms they offer. During my PhD at Telecom ParisTech (Paris, France), I studied ways in which such distributed systems can manage intelligent transportation systems, investigating their deployment and performance in the area of traffic light management. Since 2014, I am Research Associate at the University of Luxembourg (SnT).

My research interests include mobile, wearable & vehicular computing, and sensor networks.


Lastest posts

Towards Privacy-Neutral Travel Time Estimation from Mobile Phone Signalling Data

Today’s mobile penetration rates enable cellular signaling data to be useful in diverse fields such as transportation planning, the social sciences and epidemiology. Of particular interest for these applications are mobile subscriber dwell times. They express how long users stay in the service range of a base station. In this paper, we want to evaluate […]

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A Two-Level Approach to Characterizing Human Activities from Wearable Sensor Data

The rapid emergence of new technologies in recent decades has opened up a world of opportunities for a better understanding of human mobility and behavior. It is now possible to recognize human movements, physical activity and the environments in which they take place. And this can be done with high precision, thanks to miniature sensors […]

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Not a Tile Out of Place: Toward Creating Context-Dependent User Interfaces on Smartglasses

Despite the rapid pace of gadgets released on the market, research in the area of usable interfaces for wearables is lagging behind. Smartglasses are new wearables that embed diverse sensors but also have small displays, and this makes it hard for the wearer to visualize real-time data. To bridge this gap, the contribution of this […]

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Heat is in the Eye of the Beholder: Towards Better Authenticating on Smartglasses

Smart and wearable devices are trendy electronic objects that have become increasingly popular in recent years. Those devices are, by definition, tightly connected with the user’s personal activities. Authentication is therefore a critical feature for both identifying users and personalizing the services on the device. In particular, the emergence of smartglasses changed the way we […]

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Toward a Characterization of Human Activities using Smart Devices: A Micro/Macro Approach

The emergence of new connected devices has opened up new opportunities and allowed to imagine concepts that bring computer sciences and social sciences closer together. In particular, today’s increasingly sophisticated miniature sensors allow to track and understand human activities and behavior with a great precision. Taking different approaches and perspectives, we use in this paper […]

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