I am Research and Technology Associate at LIST (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, ITIS department). My research interests focus on Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing, IoT and Smart Mobility.


Recent publications (full list)



DISCO: Ultra-Lightweight Mobility Discovery

Capturing individual mobility patterns has become a crucial issue for a tremendous number of applications, often requiring the use of privacy-invasive or energy-consuming sensors and online services. In parallel to this, the proliferation of wireless network access points (APs), scattered in a very dense manner in many geographical areas, is now opening up new technological […]

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Interpreting Contextual Information through User-centric Network Discovery

At a time when wireless network access nodes are being massively deployed all around the world, it is possible to take advantage of the information they naturally emit, in order to draw relevant and contextual indicators of a user’s situation. In this work, we propose to use discovery data passively sent by wireless network nodes […]

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MAMBA: A Platform for Personalised Multimodal Trip Planning

In recent years, multimodal transportation has become a challenging approach to route planning. Most existing planning systems usually rely on data sourced from different organisations, enabling the user to select a limited number of routing strategies. As part of the MAMBA project, developed in Luxembourg until 2017, we have been interested in the potential benefits […]

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Characterizing Driving Behaviors Through a Car Simulation Platform

Human mobility has opened up to many themes in recent years. Human behavior and how a driver might react to certain situations, whether dangerous (e.g. an accident) or simply part of the evolution of new technologies (e.g. autonomous driving), leaves many avenues to be explored. Although experiments have been deployed in real situations, it remains […]

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An Open Dataset for Human Activity Analysis using Smart Devices

The study of human mobility and activities has opened up to an incredible number of studies in the past, most of which included the use of sensors distributed on the body of the subject. More recently, the use of smart devices has been particularly relevant because they are already everywhere and they come with accurate […]

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