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LuST-LTE: A Simulation Package for Pervasive Vehicular Connectivity

Recent technological advances in communication technology have provided new ways to understand human mobility. Connected vehicles with their rising market penetration rate are particularly representative of this trend. They become increasingly interesting not only as sensors but also as participants in Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) applications. More specifically, their pervasive connectivity to cellular networks enables them as passive and active sensing units. In this paper, we introduce LuST-LTE, a package of open-source simulation tools that allows the simulation of vehicular traffic along with pervasive LTE connectivity. Most importantly, LuST-LTE provides handover functionality and adds LTE infrastructure of a mobile network operator to the LuST road traffic simulation scenario of Luxembourg City. We evaluate the mobile network signal strength using open data, and compare coverage and handover statistics to previous studies. This work allows co-simulations of vehicular traffic and LTE connectivity, enabling researchers to evaluate LTE-based vehicular communication in a realistic setting.


  • T. Derrmann, S. Faye, R. Frank, and T. Engel, “Poster: LuST-LTE: A Simulation Package for Pervasive Vehicular Connectivity,” in 2016 IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC) (IEEE VNC 2016), Columbus, USA, 2016.
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