Conference paper, Creative achievement

MAMBA: A Platform for Personalised Multimodal Trip Planning

In recent years, multimodal transportation has become a challenging approach to route planning. Most existing planning systems usually rely on data sourced from different organisations, enabling the user to select a limited number of routing strategies. As part of the MAMBA project, developed in Luxembourg until 2017, we have been interested in the potential benefits of multimodal mobility systems. A key factor has been integrated into our studies: the need for a personalised experience at user level, whether when selecting the means of transport or describing user habits (e.g. route style, environment). In this context, we have developed a platform for planning personalised multimodal trips, broken down into the three main modules presented in this demonstration. More importantly, this platform has been developed to facilitate the daily mobility of people in Luxembourg, and considers datasets and characteristics that are specific to this region, which has an exceptionally high volume of daily commuting between Luxembourg and neighbouring countries.


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